Why Are Dinosaurs Extinct?

Why did the dinos die?

Hey, don’t go shouting that!!!! There are dinosaurs’ relatives still walking on the earth and flying the skies to this day. All birds, in fact, started out as small feathered dinosaurs.  We’ve not had the heart to let Raptor know she’s the only one of her kind left, and we are still searching for a mate for Toppa. So its a sensitive topic but we will try and explain…

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Anamatronic Velociraptor

Dinosaur Party Tips – Make it Roar-some

So your little one is dinosaur mad and with their birthday fast approaching, you want to throw the best dinosaur party imaginable?

Dino parties have become more and more popular in recent years. Kids love dinosaurs, that’s not up for debate! But party planning can leave you feeling pretty prehistoric if you don’t know where to start.  This is Raptors top 5 dino-themed party tips;

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